the gain - quadroburbia (1994 brrapp)

Simi Valley pop-punk with some move overtones. I remember hearing that the drummer for this band was Messy Marvin (Ralphie from A Christmas Story). That was not true. The reality is that the drummer, the sanely named Corky Pigeon, was Freddy Lippencottleman from Silver Spoons. Corky > Freddy, But I guess Pigeon < Lippencottleman. So I call the battle of real v fictional names a tie. Poor guy. He was probably hoping to be cast as John Smith or something. Anyways he later played in Big In Japan.

I thought The Gain were gonna be huge. The Ready, Steady, Smash album was fucking great. But they kind of just disappeared, and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of nostalgia for them.

  1. Ready, Steady, Smash
  2. All Right (Louder Than Pop)
  3. Been Away Now


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