what's a smilin' fact when the whole state's racist

All apologies to the decent people in Arizona who are getting lumped in with the xenophobes, but holy shit Arizona is fucked. Not content with passing laws which blatantly violate the 14th Amendment, no Arizona wants to get rid of teachers with accents (hey, there's an idea for a rap group - TWA).


Granted, from its inception, Arizona has never been exactly progressive on issues of race. From being recognized as a confederate territory by Jefferson Davis in admitted as a confederate territory in  1862 to the MLK Holiday controversy of the late 80's/early 90's, to call Arizona "conservative" was a sever understatement. But it was just a few years ago, Arizona, along with other Southwest states, was poised to become a swing state. That seems like an eon ago now. It's quickly reverted to the Mississippi of the Southwest. It has become, as Jon Stewart said, "the meth lab of democracy."
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