san diego food tour '08: burger lounge


Burger Lounge is a sorta new burger joint right down the street from me in Kensington (apparently there's been one in La Jolla for awhile). Their whole spiel is that they serve "tallgrass" beef, which is supposedly healthier and more ethical than other types of beef.

At first I was turned off by Burger Lounge, partly because of the Whole Foods-ish appeals to organic living, and partly because of the Whole Foods-ish inflated prices. A burger will set you back $7, which isn't that bad. But $3 for fries? $2 for a soda? That was a bit of a letdown to a cheapskate like me.

So, of course, I just order the burger, no fries, and some water. And I felt a lot better, because my $7 bought me a very good burger. The bun is magnifico, with a slight bit of sweetness to it. My and my medium-rare burger was incredibly juicy. I order all my burgers sans lettuce (which adds crunch, but no flavor) and onions (which overpower a burger) so I can't comment on that. Judging the speed in which I wolfed it down, Burger Lounge gets a solid "A". Mmmmmm tasty.

(I have since tried the fries as well as the onion rings, and they are pretty good. They don't justify the price, though.)
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