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With all the good eats available to me in San Diego, I hardly ever go to chain fast food restaurants anymore. But I do have a longstanding tradition of trying any "new" item pimped a fast food chain. Lately the trend has been toward higher end burgers. I have had the Six Dollar Burgers at Carl's Jr. I think they are pretty damn good, even if I can't understand why they make a big deal of getting a $6 sit-down restaurant burger for $5 in a fast food joint. I've had the Sirloin Burger at Jack In The Box, and also found it surprisingly good. So I figured I would try the McDonald's Angus burgers.

Fucking gross.

McDonald's: stick to Big Mac's, Quarter Pounders, and double cheeseburgers and I think we'll all be happy. When's the last time McDonald's had something new that didn't taste like ass? I have to go back to the sadly missed McDLT. If you need to do something new, bring that back, not the friggin McRib. I eat some disgusting shit, and I won't touch a McRib. Wow, now I'm all craving a McDLT.

Sing it, Costanza!

I'm not the only one am I? Does anyone else even remember the McDLT? I seem to have this memory of fast food items and procedures that no one else seems to remember. Let's see...

Jack In The Box Nachos. One of the best deals ever. A round bowl of chips, nacho cheese, and jalapenos. For the love of God I have no idea why the got rid of these.

Jack In the Box Teriyaki Chicken Bowls. I convinced myself I was eating healthy while I scarfed it down.

Jack In The Box "Dinner In The Box". Someone please verify this for me. I can swear for some time, JITB had "Steak In The Box" and "Shrimp In The Box". Weird, I know.

Burger King waiters. Also something no one else seems to remember. I swear there was a time when Burger King tried the concept of "waiters". Someone? I also seem to recall something about free popcorn, but that doesn't make any sense at all.

McDonald's Pizza. Swear to God. Lemoore was a test market for it, and the McDonald's had a pizza oven and served incredibly shitty pizza.

I guess I should mention that for a long time, Jack In the Box was the only fast food in town, and with my dysfunctional yet lovable family, it was dinner a large portion of the time. For awhile, I existed on Pita Pocket Supremes. This was not the Fajita Chicken ones, they had ham and turkey ones. Fill that bad boy with ranch dressing, and gotdamn.

Wait, how the hell did I get here? Oh yeah, McDonald's Angus burgers are fucking nasty.

Anyone else have fondly remembered fast food items?
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