Admittedly, this is going to paint me in a bad light, but I'm actually a little happy with some of the fallout of the financial meltdown. I keep being told that credit is tight and it's difficult to get loans. Well, good. Easy credit and stupid loans are part of the root problem. I hear how it'll be harder to get a home loan. Again, good. People with sub-$100K salaries should not be purchasing +$400K houses anyways. Now I'm hearing many car dealerships may be going under. I see no problem there, either. You don't need a new car avery three years, and I've never quite understood why and how people who positively make less than my meager salary pay over $400 a month on a vehicle. Now, it sucks that people will be losing jobs, no way to spin that into a positive. But hopefully we willl come out of this mess a bit wiser and more restrained in our spending habits, We need to collectively stop chasing the Joneses.
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