that wasn't supposed to happen

Game thoughts:

  • In a nutshell, San Diego basically regressed to week 1-6 Chargers. Undisciplined and unimaginative, out-coached and outplayed. 
  • The Vikings, Colts, and Saints came off bye week looking sharp and focused. What the hell was going on with the Chargers during bye week? The return of false starts, delay of games, and stupidly burning time-outs were an early sign of trouble. 
  • I was hoping that halftime would clear some of the cobwebs. Nope. One of the worst third quarters I've ever seen from a Charger team. 
  • The Chargers simply could not have played a worse game. Kudos and props to the Jets, they did enopugh to win an ugly game, but San Diego beat themselves.
  • Nate Kaeding, I love ya. I remember what it was like to basically have no kicker at all. But WHAT THE HOLY FUCK? Do we need to sign a new kicker specifically for the post-season? I'm not even joking. Dude is unflappable during the season, and a train wreck in the playoffs. This is the THIRD playoff loss you've contributed. I have a feeling I'm a lot more forgiving than most Chargers fans. Haven't read the paper yet, but I'm sure your head is being called for. 
  • All the hype about Darrelle Revis is not hype. He's the real deal. We already knew this, but watching him for a whole game...wow. Amazing. 
  • I was in Santa Maria during the game, so based on all the slipping and sliding, I assumed that it had rained in San Diego before the game. But I heard no mention of it. 
  • I'm not saying Norv should be fired, but what the hell was that? Yes you passed, plenty, that's good. But the run game is bad already, so why make it predictable and bad? It's like all the lessons from the 11 game win streak were lost. 
  • The defense played a hell of a game, with only one major lapse - the TD run by Shonn Greene, and one idiotic decision by Shaun Phillips to head-butt a Jets player (I'm thinking a $500,000 fine...er donation to Haitian relief is in order). 
  • Hopefully San Diego can hold on to most of the pieces on offense and defense. San Diego is still loaded with talent. But there is a glaring weakness. The offensive line has done a fantastic job protecting the quarterback, but the run blocking has been atrocious all season. People like to blame LT's age on the lack of a running game, but how can you hit that hole when there's no hole to hit? It's a young line, but it needs to get better real fast if the Chargers ever want to advance in the playoffs. 
  • Losing sucks, but what I'm down about is that the season for the Chargers is over. As I get older, my enjoyment of watching the Chargers play is only growing.
  • That being said, seeing images of Haiti during the game puts all of this in perspective. I'm only depressed for purposes of football blogging. 
  • Please draft Ryan Matthews. Keep LT. He can be Mr. Miyagi.  
  • Let's get 'em next year. Go Chargers. 
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