That's Fin's word for "Vacation". We headed up the coast to Cambria  (with stops at Lego Land and Malibu) to clear our collective heads. It worked. 

Fin's first rollercoaster ride.

Lunch at Malibu Farm on the Malibu Pier.

From the gift shop on Malibu pier. $95. What a bargain!

Nothing screams Malibu like Jack-In-The-Box

Only Fools Litter.

View from our patio in Cambria.

Fin on driftwood. 

Driftwood sculpture that made me think of True Detective.

Moonstone Beach. 

Another view from our patio. 

The weirdest taco shop I have ever seen. Built in to a mini-storage. 

Fin doing her balance beam at, as she calls it, "Beach Park".



Hard to see, but near the center is the picture is a blob of black with a little bit of yellow. I guess it's just a variation of the Western Bumble Bee, but I have never seen one before. 
Rocks and seaweed, Moonstone Beach. 

Fin looking for cool rocks. 

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