Business On Parade

When I first heard Trump was into funding infrastructure, I thought "Great, at least there is one thing we agree on." But when details of Trump's vision started to come out and I realized that it could very well simply be a giveaway to private companies, I started to worry. Then I read this New Yorker piece on Putin's control of infrastructure projects in Russia, and how he uses them as a patronage system to control oligarchs, I started to get anxious.  This week's roll out of plans to privatize key portions of the FAA (a giveaway to airlines) under the guise of infrastructure made it clear that I'm right to be worried.

I'm not saying that Trump = Putin. But I am saying that this is this is yet another clear-cut example that the next four years is going to be one massive transfer of wealth from the poor and the public sector to the wealthy, coal miners be damned. Trickle-down is the zombie that never dies.  

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