Fuck Bode Miller

Oh man, am I sick of this guy.

Bode Miller, if you don’t know, is the best skier in the U.S., if not the world. He’s been getting a lot of press because of the upcoming Olympics, and he is an absolute phony.

He’s not a phony on the slopes. In fact, he’s pretty amazing to watch. But off the slopes, he’s managed to fool the media with his "outsider" shtick. I’m not buying it. My bullshit detector went off right away after seeing him on 60 Minutes and then reading about four billion articles on him.

Here’s the basic story getting shoved down our throats: Bode is the son of hippies, who grew up without running water, he’s leery of money, which he says corrupts, he doesn’t care about fame, parties like a rock star, speaks his mind, and often skies hung-over, if not drunk.

Okay, Bode, here’s some suggestions. You don’t want the fame? Stop granting interviews to anyone with a pulse. You don’t want the money? Don’t take it. Or donate it to charity. You like to party? So do thousands of spoiled frat boys. You ski hung-over? So do thousands of spoiled frat boys. I mean, Christ, you did an interview for Maxim. Does anything scream frat boy more than that?

If Bode was a quiet, humble skier, there would be minimal press coverage. But create a fake, anti-fame, anti-money, semi-bad boy persona, and bada-bing bada-boom, here comes the fame and money.

Stealth marketing at its finest.

EDIT: So I go get my mail, and motherfucker is on the cover of Time. If dude hated exposure any more, he'd be president.
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