the tapatio conspiracy

It is a well known fact that I am a Tapatio aficionado. In fact, I keep a quart of it on my desk at work. Two weeks ago, a co-worker asked, "So have you tried the Tapatio Fritos?" Say what? Tapatio Fritos? Not only had I never had them, I had never even heard of them. Then, last week, another co-worker texted me a picture of some Tapatio Doritos, yet another item of whose existence I had not been aware of. Then on Wednesday, as I was throwing away some trash in the break room, I spotted in the trash can an empty bag of Tapatio Ruffles. Fritos, Doritos, Ruffles. All Tapatio flavored. For the past two weeks I have scoured the local Vons, hoping to find some. But...nothing. I started to wonder if this was all an eloborate joke perpetrated by my co-workers.

But then today, while picking up a sandwich from a local deli...


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