oh, drudge. don't ever change.

There's no reason for the death of Bin Laden to be a Republican-Democratic issue. But when the initial response of the Drudge's of the world is to be upset that Bush didn't get thanked, it does get me a little wee bit riled. 

A sign on the gate outside the street leading to Bush's residence Monday read in small letters, "President Obama forgot to say ..." then continued in letters big enough to be read from the road, "Thank you President Bush."

What exactly was Obama supposed to thank Bush for? Hey, thanks for not doggedly pursuing OBL so  could take the glory? Well I guess that would make sense, but I'm sure that's not what the complainants mean.

Apparently they never saw this:

To be fair, what Bush says here is mostly correct. Killing Bin Laden makes us feel better, but it doesn't really change anything. As many people, including Bush, have pointed out, Al Qaeda is a network, not a bureaucracy.

But I also notice that Bush didn't thank Obama in his remarks. I also notice that Bush didn't ask to be thanked. Neither did Obama. Finally, I notice that no one gives a shit about this petty b.s. over who thanked who. Everyone has thanked the military and their families, and that's all that matters.
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