mo' 'tussin

Obama, you tried. House Republicans wanted more tax cuts in the stimulus bill. You put in more tax cuts. They wanted to take out money for family planning, so you took out money for family planning. So how many Republican votes did that get you? Zero.

So fuck 'em. Seriously. House Republicans are apparently more concerned with power politics then actually trying to get the national economy out of the funk it is in. It is in their short term interests for Obama's plans to fail. So while they will talk the talk about bipartisanship, they're not really interested in it. They're already thinking about the 2010 elections, and they are willing to sabotage shit in hopes that it fails. Then they can tell the folks back home "Hey, I didn't vote for it." It's a pretty good bet, too, as no one knows if bill will have any effect. But to not even try? To put you and your party's quest for power above the well being of the country? Fuck all y'all.

The laugable part is the House Republicans counterproposal: "more tax cuts". Oh, you mean like the past eight years? Yeah, that worked fantastic. What a broad vision they have. Tax cuts solve any and all problems. It's the Republican version of Robutussin.

The past eight years were a continious shitting of the bed by Republicans. How noble of them to not even try to help clean it up. Assholes.

The bright spot is that we don't need them. Obama will continue to try and court them, because he is a much better person than I am. But it doesn't change the fact that House Republicans are irrelevant. They are the ones who refuse to set aside childlish things.
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