internet commenters make baby jesus cry

'Cept for commenters on this blog, of course.

So last night, my wife tells me about this horrible local story:

She then proceeds to spend the next half hour reading me the comments people have posted on the story. Incredulity and laughter ensued.

It's a tragic story, yet all the usual suspects in the internet comment world show up. Conspiracy theorists. Wannabe comedians. Morons.

Some choice nuggets. Emphasis mine:

Accuracyplease Yesterday 12:43 PM
His "judgment" call was to run.  But the law in San Diego isn't democratically enforced.  Particularly if the person killed has no juice.  It's all a  part of the San Diego Machine.

  • Why was this guy in a traffic lane on 125?  Better question, no?

  • Do people not look ahead of them when they are driving?

    I'm always looking way ahead just in case.
    This story doesn't have legs.
    BarcelonaGuy Yesterday 08:07 PM
    huh, sounds like this guy is somebody's relative,  how can you not press charges,   the guy he hit could still have been alive while he drove home,   something sure doesn't seem right here


    So, we got a guy who thinks this incident highlights corruption, a guy who thinks that someone walking on a freeway at 2 am is irrelevant to him getting hit by a car, a helpful citizen who informs us that he looks ahead of him when he drives, a comedian (full disclosure, I laughed at that "has no legs line. Not proud of it), and the Law And Order guy who I'm going to guess does not have a medical degree.

    It goes on and on and on and on. I encourage you not to go read the thread, lest you lose whatever faith in humanity you may have.

    I'm actually a little shocked that noone blamed Bush of Obama, so there is one positive.

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