Ah-nold is a Scumbag

Follow along.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger wins a special election for Governor, campaigning that he will not take money from “special interests” and will not accept his $200,000 salary.

2. Days before taking office as California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger signs a minimum $5 Million contract with American Media, publisher of a number of fitness magazines. The contract states that says Schwartzenegger will “further the business interests” of American Media. Under the contract, his salary is directly linked to advertising revenue.

3. Fitness magazines such as those published by American Media derive huge amounts of money from advertising nutritional supplements and performance enhancing products.

4. A bill is introduced in the California legislature which would require high school coaches to be educated about nutritional supplements and performance enhancing products and would restrict their use by high school students.

5. The bill passes the legislature with no opposition.

6. Schwartzenegger vetoes the bill.

This is clearly a conflict of interest. The big question is: Do you care? If you don't, well then fuck you. I don't want to hear you complain about anything. This is an example of an abuse of power. Almost everything I bitch about concerns an abuse of power. If you're okay with people abusing their power, then just shut up and be okay with it, whoever is doing it, democrat or republican.
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