She Bangs

God, I hate Ricky Martin. His stupid music, his stupid videos, his stupid hair, his stupid good looks, his stupid writhing hips, his stupid masculine...uh whoa. Sorry ‘bout that. Anyways, the point is I hate Ricky Martin.

So then I see this.

At first I wanted to laugh, but then I realized this guys being totally sincere. Then I remembered all the vile shit my Palestinian ex-girlfriend has to put up with (“Palestinian? So are you a terrorist? Hardy har har”). I’m gonna leave it to the judgment of Arabs if they want Ricky Martin to represent them, but I for one respect this move by him. He’s actually going to tour the Middle East, including the Palestinian territories. It would be easy to make this into a joke (i.e. Haven’t they suffered enough?), but I think it’s a serious issue that ol' Ricky is taking seriously, and I totally hope other follow his lead.

Except Gerardo. Fuck that guy.
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