OMG LOOTING!!!!! oh, and some people died

How did the attention turn to looting so quickly? I'm so confused...I'm hearing:

a) 80% of New Orleans is flooded.
b) The mayor wants every single person evacuated.
c) Those evacuating will not be allowed to return for at least a month.

With this information, and assuming businesses have hurricane insurance, why focus on looting? Are teams gonna go in and "rescue" the food from the stores? Looting is going to happen to an abandoned city...that's just reality. Plus, the majority of looters are grabbing fresh water and food, you want to shoot them for that? Yeah looting is a problem, but damn, an entire city was destroyed. I'd be shocked if there wasn't looting. What planet have have you been living on? PEOPLE ARE FUCKING DYING AND HOMELESS!!!
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