i'm not georgian

This is really too much.
For the last several days, Senator Barack Obama has seemed to fade from the scene while on his secluded vacation here, as his opponent, Senator John McCain, has seized nearly every opportunity to display his foreign policy credentials on the dominant issue of the week: the conflict between Russia and Georgia.
If McCain's reckless, antagonistic approach to the Russia-Georgia conflict is a display of his "foreign policy credentials", then perhaps those credentials need to be revoked.
Mr. McCain and his surrogates, however, have discussed the situation nearly every day on the campaign trail, often taking a hard line against Russia to the point of his declaring the other day, “We are all Georgians.”
Well, if I'm Georgian, and Georgia is battling Russia, well then that mean's I'm battling Russia, right? By extension, if we're all Georgian's, then, um, we're going to war?

Good thing I'm not Georgian. And neither are you. Well, unless you're from Georgia. 
The fluency with which Mr. McCain, the presumed Republican presidential nominee, discusses Georgia, citing the history of the region and the number of times he has visited, lends an aura of commander in chief.
Look, I can read a reworked Wikipedia article, you can read a reworked Wikipedia article. It doesn't lend anyone any sort of presidential aura.

And let's be real, does this look "fluent" to you?

That's not fluent, that's me reading my term paper in 10th grade.

It takes minimal effort on McCain's part to give the NYT major wood.
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