a tribute to the f***boyz (1996 farmhouse/six weeks/monkey bites records)

So, let's get this out of the way: yeah, I censored the title. And yeah, I feel lame for doing it. But my blogs get posted on my Facebook page, and I just don't need the drama putting Fuckboyz in the title will bring with certain friends and family. I suck, I know.


 The Fuckboyz were basically the earlier, unripened, East Coast version of Hickey (not that Hickey was "ripe". As in mature and fully formed. From what I saw they probably smelled pretty ripe, But that's not what I meant. What the fuck am I talking about?) Anyways, upon moving from Florida to Cali, they (meaning Matty Luv and Aesop) kept the Fuckboyz name for couple of awesome records before disbanding, then resurrecting as Hickey. Also, that history could be totally wrong, but it's how I seem to remember it.

 I may have mentioned a couple of hundred times that Hickey is my favorite band ever. So by proxy that love extends to the Fuckboyz. Most of their discography is up at the Matty Luv tribute site, so you should head there first, grab those songs, read the guestbook, pay your respects, and then come back and grab this.

This is a fantastic tribute to the embryonic form of the best band ever.

Big, big thanks to Nobody Knows I'm New Wave for the excellent rip (plus all the scans!), saving me some time and trouble. 

  1. Red #9 - Nurse 
  2. All You Can Eat - Prozac 
  3. 40% Saline Solution - Hallucinating 
  4. Wooly Mammoth - Rock 'N' Roll Problem
  5. Idiot Bitch - Chapels Of Reno 
  6. Krupted Peasant Farmers - Don't Fuck Me Up 
  7. Your Mother - Stick Fish 
  8. The Dread - Hit Me With Your Best Shot 

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