curiocity (and a food truck rant)

Curiocity is a new food truck in San Diego that I checked out today on my lunch break.

They some crab risotto dish, a fancypants salad, and some thai chicken, but of course I had to go straight for the burger. Burger was pretty straight-up, lettuce-tomato-pickle-cheese-sauce, no grilled peaches or anything. And it was good. Not great, but good. Not $7 good, but oh well. Considering the MIHO truck had an iffy start and now make some of the best food on wheels, this is acceptable. There's room to grow. The "truffle" fries were also good, but not great.

But this "truffle fries" nonsense leads me to another rant, which, I have to emphasize, is NOT aimed at Curiocity specifically.

Why is pouring some fake-ass truffle oil on some fries and call them truffle fries? We all know there are no actual truffles involved. Why are places allowed to advertise Kobe/Waygu Beef burgers and sliders when we know they are not using 100% Kobe/Waygu beef? Why are you allowed to use the word Kona to describe coffee when there are hardly any Kona beans in the blend? I consider all of this a form of dishonesty, and it cheapens the meaning of the actual 100% pure products they are named after.

Furthermore, why are fries at a food truck always over $3? Adjectives like "truffle" and "Belgian-cut" are bandied about, but they are just french fries, and I have yet to taste any food truck fries that were worth the steep price (though, against my better judgment, I keep trying). I  don't have an issue paying the $6+ dollars you charge for a decent burger, but by the time I add your overpriced fried and fancy pants soda, I'm out $12 or more. This cuts down on the frequency of my food truck visits by at least 2/3. 

There's a definite food truck bubble at the moment. So I guess strike while the iron is hot, but don't start wondering hey wha happen when the bubble bursts.
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