boris the sprinkler - drugs and masturbation (1995 mutant pop)

SweetTart© fueled goofball punk rock straight outta Green Bay, Wisconsin. Rev. Nørb, who may or may not have a face like Charles Bronson, and is not just a singer in this band, used to pen a column for MRR (and the short-lived Hit List), and currently writes for Razorcake. The intro for this version of "Drugs And Masturbation" is pretty much an aural version of a Rev. Nørb column (if you listen closely, you can even hear the parentheses [and the brackets within parentheses]). 
Although the B-side lists "Yeah Yeah" and "Yeah Yeah No", these are completely different songs than the songs with the same titles that have appeared on other Boris The Sprinkler EP's. I don't really know the story behind that.The Mutant Pop catalog says there are multiple versions of this, so perhaps it's not just the cover/vinyl color that's different, but the songs as well.
  1. Drugs And Masturbation (Extended Pacific Northwest Hit Novelty Single Version)
  2. Yeah Yeah
  3. Yeah Yeah No

Here's a video of Nørb on Jenny Jones:

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