da toddlers - da toddlers ep (1995 diy)

(no cover art, lonnie....help?)

Back in the mid-90's, I hosted a punk show called Main That Tune at Fresno State (90.7 KFSR). I was a pretty lame host, but I think I played some pretty cool shit. Unfortunately, the show was from midnight to three, and had a rather small audience. The same cast of characters would call in every week, and among them was Lonnie. Lonnie was a punk in a really obnoxious way. Like, one time after I played an FYP song, Lonnie called to complain because I announced the name of the band. I think the way it was supposed to work was if I named the band, then people would know who they were, and then maybe go out and buy it and FYP would be the new Green Day.Or something.

But Lonnie's obnoxiousness was his charm. At on one point he dropped by the studio to give me a 7" from his band to play on the show. This is that 7".  It's a little bit of FYP, a little bit of Grimple, and a whole lot of a few snotty punks being obnoxious (in the best way).  A friend of mine (R.I.P.) would later join the band, and they would release a 7" on the great Six Weeks Records. Lonnie went on to form Hatemail Killerz and Straight Edge Kegger, among many other bands.
  1. Perversion Of A Toddler
  2. Mom Don't Tell Me To Grow Up
  3. Hav'n Fun
  4. Don't Wanna Go
  5. A Day At The Playground
  6. Proffesional Toddler

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