boris the sprinkler / parasites split ep (1998 just add water)

A side is Boris The Sprinkler singer Rev Norb fronting the Parasites, singing a revamped Parasites song and a cover. B side is the Parasite's singer Nikki Parasite fronting Boris The Sprinkler, singing a revamped Boris The Sprinkler song. Which presents me with a conundrum: How the fuck do I tag this? Do I label the Rev Norb sung songs Boris The Sprinkler? Or the Parasites? Or, as the cover says, The Borisites? Fuck! I guess you'll have to download to find out.

  1. Borisites - Old And Stupid
  2. Borisites - Teenage Brain 
  3. Nikki The Sprinkler - Gimme Gimme Safe Zoos
  4. Nikki The Sprinkler - Teenage Sex

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