maim that tune

I guess I never really explained why "Maim That Tune Song O' The Day" keeps showing up in my Twitter feed (I've since eliminated the 'Maim That Tune' part and just posted the artist and song, because I'm lazy [not too lazy to actually have another blog and cross-promote it] but lazy nonetheless).

Well, see, back in the day, while attending Fresno State, I had myself a nice little radio show, called Maim That Tune. I sucked as a DJ, but the music I played was rad. Or at least I thought it was, or else why would I play it? Duh. I had the same show at San Diego State for a bit, but that signal was on like cable radio or some ridiculous bullshit like that. Basically, impossible to hear off campus, while KFSR in Fresno can be heard city wide.

Anyways, the point is that Tumblr allows you to post one song a day, so I've decided to transform my old radio show into blog form. I try to post one song I really dig every day. It's like a slow motion version of the radio show without: a) me mispronouncing words b) awkward pauses d) playing records at the wrong speed d) lame attempts at humor, and e) through z) the general trainwreck I was as a DJ.

So, check it out if you want: MAIM THAT TUNE.
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