the fighters - motor man (1995 rocco)

The Fighters were yet another great 90's Chicago punk band. I have a couple of 7-inches and some comp tracks, but that's it. Have been looking for more for a long time, but searching the net keeps leading me back to the fucking Foo Fighters. Argh. So yeah, like yesterday, if anyone can point me to more stuff by the Fighters, I would be eternally grateful.

So yeah, this is one of my favorite records, "Motor Man" is one of my favorite songs, and "smelly fucking milk pants" is one of my favorite lyrics.

I guess I should mention that singer Jason Mojica and bassist Jim Milak made a 2008 documentary called Christmas in Darfur, which you can watch online.  I'm reading What Is The What now, so  I think I'm going to have to watch it. If you have a couple of spare bucks, make a donation.

  1. Motor Man
  2. No Hair
  3. Milk Pants

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