high 'n' dry

FoodCourtLunch has the answer to the question "What is the greatest Def Leppard album of all time" wrong. Very wrong. So completely wrong that I'm inclined to think I'm dreaming right now. The answer is definitely not Hysteria, which is a shitty, shitty record devoid of the soul of the first two records. An overpolished turd.  But it's not Pyromania, either. Now, don't get me wrong, Pyromania is a damn fine rock 'n' roll record, no doubt. An album that pretty much defined 6th grade for me. Contains arguably the best Def Leppard song ever ("Foolin'"). And the beginning of "Rock Of Ages"? Eepen Gleepen Gloppen Globben? He's saying "We're coming to Fresno", backwards. I swear it's true. Someone in 6th grade said so. But High 'n' Dry (1984 re-issue with "Me And My Wine") is easily the best Def Leppard record. 

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