new york buffalo wings

New wings place on El Cajon Blvd. Similar to Wings 'N' Things, just with a few more flavor options for your wings. Oh, and you can get ribs.

In the past few weeks, I've tried both.

The boneless strips were really good. Moist, spicy, and a good portion size. No big drop-off from Wings 'N' Things. Unlike Wings 'N' Things, they give you a choice of fries or breadsticks with your combo.

Nice to have a wings option located a little closer to me.

The ribs were pretty meh. Not horrible, but I'll probably never order them again. I don't know why I keep ordering ribs all around town expecting someone, anyone, to be able to compete with Phil's. So far, no one has come close.

Stop in if you find yourself on the La Mesa portion of ECB. The chicken is good. Just don't spend too much time reading the signs. I counted about ten spelling and grammatical errors without even trying. And these were professionally made signs, not handwritten ones. This is what happens when you marry an English teacher. 
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