8 years

I'd like to thank the following Hollywood Elites, in no particular order, for getting me through the last eight years:

David Cross
Al Franken
Marc Maron
Sam Seder
Janeane Garofalo
Kent Jones aka Lawton Smalls
Jon Stewart
Stephen Colbert
David Letterman
Michael Moore
Bill Maher
Rob Corrdry
Ed Helms
Samantha Bee
John Hodgeman
All of the other Daily Show correspondents

(Let me interject here that Air America, specifically Morning Sedition and the Al Franken Show, got me through my post-2004 election depression. I thought they were both great, vastly underrated shows. Air America deserved to fail for canceling Morning Sedition in particular.)

You were all a silver lining on a dark cloud and a very cheap method of therapy. 
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