shot heard round the world

When Bobby Thompson hit the walk-off home run that won the National League pennant for the New York Giants in 1951, the official attendance at the Polo Grounds, where the game was played, was a mere 34,320. Unofficial attendance is estimated at about 56,000. Yet, if you counted all the people who later said they were there, that figure would easily reach well into the six figures.

If, I repeat IF (and I'm freakin' out right about now), Obama wins the presidential election, I wonder how many people who didn't vote for him will later say that the did. I mean, when your grandchild asks you about the historic election of 2008, do you want to tell him or her that you were pulling for the cranky old white guy? My guess is that a poll taken in 2030 on how people voted would look 80% - 20%.
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