protesting prop 8

I don't understand the protests over Proposition 8.

I voted No on 8, and I'm bummed that it passed. But it did pass. So I would just ask those protesting, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? The vote was last week.

There's another election in 2 years. Wouldn't a better idea be to start doing outreach into communities that you may be able to win over to your side? Get the ball rolling. The other side never quits, you shouldn't either. Get a pro-gay marriage proposition onto the 2010 ballot. If it fails, well there's 2012, 2014, so and so on. That's one upside of the referendum process.

Prop 22 passed by over 20 points in 2000. Prop 8 won by only 4. Progress has been made. Focus you energy where it can make a difference. I gaurantee you, your protests are only preaching to the choir. Time to build some bridges.

You are on the right side of history. Don't let the bitterness of Prop 8 cloud that.
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