prop 8

The California Constitution is a piss poor excuse for a constitution. Any constitution that allows you to amend it with a simple majority vote is a lame one. Now, I know that the idea behind the initiative process is to give "the people" a larger say, but a constitution's principles should represent the core values of a population, and yet be vague enough to provide some leeway for interpretation. It shouldn't be subject to 50% + 1 sways of the public opinion. If 50% + 1 decide that "equal protection" just isn't that important, then that's what our Constitution will reflect. Pathetic. The United States Constitution is the best example of what a constitution can be. The California Constitution, on the other hand, is a joke.

Today, for the first time ever, I'm prouder of Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida than I am of my home state. Those states had some fucking balls on Tuesday. We're supposed to be the example. What we do here tends becomes the (mostly) nationwide norm down the line. What the fuck?
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