ta-ta, joe

I don't understand why there's even a moment's hesitation about how to handle the Joe Lieberman situation. So long, Joe. End of story.

Joe spoke at the Republican convention. Joe backed the Republican candidate. Joe disparaged the Democratic nominee. There's no price to pay for this behavior?

Even if Democrats needed Lieberman to get a filibuster proof 60 votes*, I would still send him packing from the chairmanship of any important committees. If he wants to caucus with the Democrats, then he should do so based on his position on the issue, not because the Democratic leadership did him a favor. Likewise, if he wants to caucus with the Republicans, he should do so based on his position on the issue, not just to spite Democrats. To base your vote on who was nicer to you, that's just repulsive.

You can't have it both ways, Joe. Democrats are weak for even discussing the issue. Obama is much more forgiving than I would be. I'm not saying you have to be a complete dick to Lieberman, but a demotion of some sort is in order. 

Grow a pair, Democrats.

*By the way, what happened to the days when Republican whined all day long about an "up or down vote" when the Democrats filibustered even one thing? Now that they are in the minority, using a filibuster is the norm. Funny how that works.
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