Lest you get the wrong idea from my last blog, I fully realize that between now and January 20 is as good as it will get for Obama. I hear the right wing saying how they hope Obama succeeds. Maybe, yet it's always followed with a "but", so forgive me if I don't exactly believe them.

Their disdain for Obama will now be unhindered by the distraction of trying to promote their own candidate. Obama will have to bear the full brunt of attacks. Any mistake will be amplified. Any questionable quote taken out of context will be scrutinized and held up as evidence of some ulterior motive. All of those who excoriated Democrats for not always supporting President Bush will suffer from a bout of collective amnesia now that the President is a Democrat.

I just hope their hyteria doesn't lead me to defensivley protect Obama at all costs. Obama is going to do some shit I do not approve of. I'm okay with that, but I also would like to be intellectually honest and call him out when he does. I don't want to be like "them" - the Malkins, the Oshrys, the VD Hansons - and continually defend the indefensible.

If you thought BDS was bad, wait until you get a peek at ODS. I set the over/under on right-wing calls for impeachment at May 2009. 
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