Slate has to be the most ridiculous site on the internet. The sad part is, there's the occasional good article or series (Blogging The Bible, movie reviews, etc) that make it a site worth tracking. But 90% of it is predictable, up-is-down, black-is-white, hey-look-at-me contrarianism. Like this. Yes, pity the poor, poor, noble bankers.

Which makes me wonder. When someone decides to go into the banking profession, what is their motive? Is it altruistic? Is it to gain a greater understanding of the world? Is it to help others? I doubt it.

To some extent, I agree with Slate: Greedy motherfuckers are necessary in the system we've got, and not all of the greedy motherfuckers on Wall Street are directly responsible for the current mess. But that doesn't mean they are not greedy motherfuckers. So stop asking me to feel sorry for them.
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