My co-workers love to get fired up about "Octo-mom". They go on and on about it, like somehow they have been personally wronged by her. She's on welfare. She claims disability. She already has a bunch of kids. They attack her doctor for doing it. They get really, really worked up.

I don't disagree at all with any of their complaints. Although it's not a personal affront to me, I actually agree with them - she's not a very sympathetic person.  It just bothers me that day after day of various outrages go by uncommented upon. Horrible shit happens in this country and around the world every day. The Bush Administration gave us a myriad of shit to be outraged about on a daily basis. War. Torture. 4000+ dead in Iraq. All met with silence. But Octo-Mom? Let the shitstorm begin. And these shitstorms usually end with death threats. At the minimum.

I'm not shocked or outraged about it. On some level, I understand it. But it does bother me. It's a curious case, I admit. But calm the hell down, folks.
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