let the record show

While Republican governors are hyperventilating over the size of the stimulus bill, agonizing over the philosophical dilemma of accepting federal money, keep in mind that they are all taking it. It all just a PR campaign done for the benefit of National Review. Bobby Jindal, the "heroic" governor taking a "principled" stand, getting lauded and feted by the right wing for turning down federal money, is only turning down 2% of stimulus money. ¡Que Macho!

Now to be fair (and God help me, I hate being fair), Governors do not generally have the authority to single-handedly turn all the money down. But they should turn down each and every dollar they are able to. Bootstraps, son! For the rest of it not in their control they should put their non-Federal money where their mouths are fight. Mattresses - go to them. Scapegoat your legislatures. Mock Obama. Don't be a hypocrite. Make your stand! Make this your Alamo...er...I mean Waterloo!
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