Will Leitch may have turned this into next 25 Things About Me. Time will tell. But I'll do my part, using Songbird, since I'm anti-Apple/itunes.

Number of Songs: 26,629
Number of Albums: 2,785
Most Recently Played Song: “Greatest Dad" - Apocalypse Hoboken
Most Played Song: “The Secret Life”- 400 Blows
Most Recently Added Album: "Personal Onslaught Demo" - Excel

First Song Alphabetically: “A & A In The USA”- 7 Seconds
Last Song Alphabetically: “ZZ Topless”- Rye Coalition
First Song Numerically: “0 + 2 = 1”- NoMeansNo
Last Song Numerically: “9th Symbol”- Nine Shocks Terror

Shortest Song: “All”- The Descendents (0:03)
Longest Song: “The Decline”- NOFX (25:28)

First Album Alphabetically: "Abbey Roadkill" - Los Ass-Draggers
Last Album Alphabetically: "Zopilote Machine" - The Mountain Goats
First Album Numerically: “0 + 2 = 1”- NoMeansNo
Last Album Numerically: "98 Mute" - 98 Mute

First Five Songs That Pop Up On Shuffle:
"What Do I Want?" - Hüsker Dü
“Sunstroke”- Threadbare
“Incest”- Zeke
“Who Needs Them”- Sin 34
“Cornered Rat”- Heresy

Off-topic observation: Why do Tumblr users only link to other Tumblr users? Is there an unwritten rule?
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