fucked up

In no way am I trying to disparage Fucked Up. I like Fucked Up. A lot. I want to make that perfectly clear.

But I don't understand why they are the hardcore band that made it big with the Pitchfork crowd. While they are great, there are better bands out there. Is it the arty album covers? Is it that their songs usually clock in at over five minutes rather than under two? I don't get it. Career Suicide, who share a member with Fucked Up, is a much better band.

But tonight I got it. I saw Fucked Up play at the Casbah, and all the stuff I thought was pretty good in my car was GREAT live. Fucked Up is meant to be heard live. The records, which are pretty great to begin with, don't do them a bit of justice. 

Here's the actual song, "David Comes To Life":
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