nonsense - leftovers e.p. (1995)

Mid 90's SoCal pop punk with the slightest of ska influences. Released on Cheap Guy records, which I think was run by the singer of the Voodoo Glow Skulls. I haven't listened to this in at least ten years, and I was struck by how easily this would fit on the Plan-It-X roster. I hear a lot of Operation: Cliff Clavin, 'specially in the vocals.

Oh, and my record is scratched near the end of Naked Thugs. I tried to work some Audacity magic, but you can totally tell where the edit is. If it bothers you, ask for your money back.
  1. Your Band Is Cooler Than Mine
  2. Our Rag
  3. No Difference
  4. Naked Thugs
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