blam goes the firecracker

I gotta lay a lot of the blame for this hot mess on the audio/video guy. Just because the Sports Wizard took the night off doesn't mean you get to just phone it in. It would be nice if at least one thing you did went correctly. But poor Matt Lorch. I was going to label him a victim of circumstance until his apology at the end."Hopefully we'll have more news for you tomorrow on this station." Yeah, hopefully the news doesn't run out or something. "Drive safely?" Where does he think people are watching from? Or maybe he just likes to sign off with some helpful advice. Next time it'll be, "Always look both ways before crossing the street".  But Don Jefferies in the newsroom didn't exactly have a stellar night either. The only one who took care of his business was The Merv. You gotta guard Merv!

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