the fighters - breaking bones for laughs (1995 rocco)

I cannot emphasize how much I love The Fighters. But, that doesn't mean everything they do is awesome. It's just that their awesome stuff is so awesome that it dwarfs any filler songs they may have. For instance, on this EP. "Green Light" and "Something Else"? Meh. But "The Flying Father" and "Breaking Bones For Laughs"? Two of the best songs ever. How can you not love complicated lyrics like,

He's big and strong and brown
He's gonna wreck the town
His beard is big like a tree
More masculine than a mom
With his exploding Dad-bomb
He will do damage to me
Now, normally, if I can't find an existing rip that's above 192kbps, I'll just rip the vinyl instead. But in this case, the 160kbps files found at The Modernist (where there's more stuff) still sound much better than my vinyl rip, which has been played to death, so that's what I'm using.

Previous, even awesomer release here. Awesome!

  1. Green Light
  2. The Flying Father
  3. Something Else
  4. Breaking Bones For Laughs

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