notes on a super bowl

I'm gonna get my thoughts out there now before they become corrupted by other blog's opinions.

  • Until Manning's pick in the fourth quarter, this was easily the best quarterbacked game in a Super Bowl I have ever seen. It still might be, even with that interception.
  • After the first quarter, Brees played his ass off. As good as I've ever seen in a Super Bowl.
  • Manning's throw to Dallas Clark, dropping it in just over a couple of Saint's defenders, is tied for the best pass I have ever seen. It's tied with every other perfect pass I've seen. Because it was perfect, you see?
  • Sean Payton and Jim Caldwell each channeled their inner Norv Turner, going away from their strengths and calling running plays at the goal line - the Saints at the end of the first half, the Colts near the end of the game. Both failed. It was positively Norvilicious. Good to see San Diego kinda sorta did make it to the Super Bowl in their own special way.
  • It's been a long time since a team I was actively rooting for won the Super Bowl. There have been plenty of games where I didn't give a shit, but the last time I successfully rooted  for a team to win was 2003, when Tampa Bay crushed the odious Raiders. Oh man, that day was a lot of fun. 
  • Halftime show sucked. Yeah, I said it. 
  • Now the important stuff: The commercials!
  • Go Daddy can feel free to never make another Super Bowl commercial. Not funny, not clever, and they payoff you get by going to the website does not exist. Nary a nipple to be found.
  • I hate the E*Trade baby. I find him creepy in all the wrong ways. But that Milkaholic one made me laugh. 
  • As did the Diamond Nuts human dolphin one, in it's own weird way. 
  • My inner woman liked the Google ad. Can't believe I just admitted that. 
  • Dramatic Chipmunk in two commercials? Didn't realize it was 2007.
  • Anyone else surprised that LG ad wasn't a Droid ad?
  • Best commercial was the Letterman one. They must have used some James Cameron CGI to get it to look like Letterman and Leno were in the same room.
  • Runner-up: VW's slug-bug homage.
  • The Tim Tebow/Focus On The Family ad was much tamer than I was expecting. All the controversy was for that?
  • Coke, Bud/Bud Light, Doritos. Yawn, yawn, yawn. 'Cept for the dog collar. That was okay. 
  • Who doesn't want to be in New Orleans right about now (Indy fans excluded)?
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