propagandhi - where quality is job #1 (1994 recess)

This is the real deal. Not an assembled version from the Where Quantity Is Job #1 CD, but the 2X7" rip in all it's ugly glory. Live tracks, demos, fragments of songs ("Degrassi"), intentional skips, guitar solos, early versions of later Propagandhi classics ("Kill Bill Harcus"), and a couple of classics that were never redone (as far as I know)("Die For The Flag", "Support Gun Control"), it's all here in all its ugly, beautiful glory. A high-quality rip of a low-quality recording. This is one of my untouchable records. This is essential.
  1. Die For The Flag
  2. Metal Intro
  3. Metal Guitar Solo
  4. Degrassi Jr. High Dropouts
  5. Bent
  6. Greenest Eyes
  7. Who Will Help Me Bake This Bread?
  8. Kill Bill Harcus
  9. Support Gun Control..Kill A Hunter
  10. Hidden Curriculum
  11. Gov't Cartoons
  12. Leg-Hold Trap 



  1. hells yeah! on pee + poo colored vinyl, too. so bad it's good, gotta love it. thanks!

  2. Yeah, this thing is a hot mess. Intentionally though, so it's all good.