hickey - hickey / voodoo glowskulls split (1997 probe)

There will be no music posts for the next week. Sorry. But as an act of penance, I am going to post The Greatest Record Ever Released: The infamous Hickey/Voodoo Glow Skulls 7". I know I'm prone to exagerration, but not this time. This is my #1 all-time favorite record, for about a thousand reasons, which I won't go into at the moment.

For those who don't know the story behind this record, here are the SparkNotes:

  • Hickey plays a show with FYP & the Voodoo Glow Skulls in Arizona. 
  • Hickey makes fun of Epitaph Records (VGS's label at the time)
  • VGS gets pissed, get Hickey kicked out of the club, without pay. 
  • On their way out, Hickey swipes a VGS trumpet as payment. 
  • VGS & their homies proceed to leave death threats on Hickey's phone.
  • Hickey releases these death threats as the VGS side of this split.
  • Oh, yeah, with Hickey attempting to play said trumpet in the background.

That would be enough to make me love this record. But you also get a zine, "You Bet Your Sweet Ass I'm A Turtle: To Blow The Horn Of Justice", that explains and analyzes the entire sordid affair, complete with the paper correspondence between Hickey and VGS.

That would be enough to make this one of my favorite records. But you also get Hickey's song, "Food Stamps And Drink Tickets", which is one the best songs Hickey ever wrote. So perfect it makes me wanna cry every time I hear it.  

If you really loved me 
You would have killed me long ago
And buried my bones
In your mom's backyard
Right below your window
So I'd never be alone

When the cold winds blow
you'd be the only one who knows 
I'm the the green grass that grows
Under the snow
And there won't be school tomorrow
It's much too late
To be saved by
Goofy escapades
There isn't any aid
To correct this mess we've made
We can run
You can't run away
You can dig your own grave
Crawl in and wait
In a couple of days 
I'll be by to cover you up
With the earth that you hate so much
Food stamps and drink tickets
Are all that's left for me

Best band ever. Best record ever.

My favorite poet, Matty Luv, R.I.P.

  1. Food Stamps And Drink Tickets
  2. Me and My Homies 

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