angry villagers

The local media in San Diego has got Norv Turner's back. They may mention fans being unhappy with Norv, and speculate on whether or not he will be fired, but I don't think I've seen a single prominent local voice come out and say Norv deserves to be fired. In fact, more and more, I'm seeing Slate-like contrarianism saying Norv is actually, upon furtger consideration, not that bad. To wit, Nick Canepa's latest piece, which requires an amatuerish FJM-style breakdown.
Chargers' real problems aren't Norv or A.J.
Yes, they are. Well, not AJ, but Norv. Especially Norv. Definitely Norv.
The Chargers, now expected by torch-toting angry villagers to be the Packers of the '60s, the Steelers of the '70s, the 49ers of the '80s, the Cowboys of the '90s and the Patriots of the 2000s...
No, we really don't. We don't even know what it feels like to win anything, unless you count indoor soccer, in which case, yeah, we rule. But we're not delusional. We just have these wacky expectations of crushing teams we should crush, beating the teams we should beat, and at least be competitive against our equals. without being embarrassed on national TV. Crazy, I know.
Norv Turner could go unbeaten, win the Super Bowl, pull people out of burning buildings and find a cure for cancer and the villagers still would drag out the guillotine.
Actually, I think we would admit we were wrong and go on to deify him. See, and you should know this Nick, San Diego may not be the greatest sports town, but we develop very deep bonds with players, coaches, and GM's who succeed. Don Coryell, Bruce Bochy, Bobby Ross, Dick Williams are all coaches who are still revered. Kevin Towers, and despite your headline, AJ Smith, will be remembered with fondness. The Padres retired Steve Garvey's number, fer chrissakes. And pretty much everyone here roots for and wishes the best for  Drew Brees, who was actually pretty terrible his first few years here. So to act like San Diego is some overly critical sports town is ridiculous. If you get run out of town here, you probably deserve it.
Having done nothing to warrant the label, Turner isn't a great head coach. But how many are?
Not a lot. We're not asking for great.
Turner constantly is criticized for not being a cheerleader.
No, he's constantly criticized for his game plan and not having his players ready to play. You can lay this on the players if you want, but the buck stops with the head coach.
He's 2-2, folks. It's October.
Included in that is a last minute win over the epically bad Raiders and getting completely humiliated on national TV by the Steelers. We didn't just wake up one day, pissed. There's a pattern of behavior here.
I got an email the other day saying Bill Callahan should be the next Chargers coach. Sigh. That's what I'm up against.  
Ok, that's pretty ridiculous. But what about the emails suggesting Bill Cowher? John Gruden? Mike Shanahan? Is Bill Callahan really the only option? If that were the case, I'd be part of the Keep Norv movement. But that is not the case.

Got another email yesterday informing me the Chargers would be 4-0 if Marty were coach. Maybe. But they'd finish 0-1 in the playoffs. Which do you prefer?
Well, maybe they'd be 0-1 in the playoffs. As bad as Marty was in the playoffs, he did manage to win five games. But at least it would be pretty certain we'd make the playoffs in the first place. I'd like to be a team that showed some heart. I look at the Bengals and the Broncos, who are playing so far above their expectations, and I'm envious. They are beating the teams they are supposed to beat. But they are also beating teams they aren't expected to beat.

I'd prefer that.  

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