nick canepa writes more stupid things

I knew this was going to happen. The Chargers crush a really bad teams, and suddenly Norv Turner apologists like Nick Canepa are all, "how you like me now?", sarcastically amazed by how quiet the Fire Norv types (like me) are.

Interesting. When the Chargers lose, I hear from dozens of Anti-Norvites within minutes of the final whistle. Not even Satan should hear some of this stuff. But, when they win, as they did convincingly Sunday in Kansas City? Very little.

Like somehow the piss poor decisions Norv has made in the past never happened. Like somehow that's all water under the bridge. I am happy with the win, and really have no beefs with Norv's gameplan. But don't be confused, Nick, the Chiefs are a terrible team. Bad decisions in a blowout are much easier concealed than bad decisions in a close win or a loss. We beat the Chiefs.

Furthermore, Canepa thinks we hate Norv Turner as a human being.
Those who know the Chargers head coach love him. Those who don't, or those who think they might and don't, flatly can't stand him and would prefer his next outfit be made of tar and feathers.
How could that possibly be true? I doubt many Charger fans know Norv on a personal level, so why would we hate him personally. We know him as a head coach and we hate his decisions as a head coach. It's not rocket science. Yes, of course there are fans who take shit way too seriously and make personal attacks. But Nick, it's 2009. You must know this fact by now: The ignorant minority of fans are usually the most vocal. I guarantee that the vast majority of Charger fans are like me. We would like to see Norv fired. We assume that Norv Turner is a good man on a personal level. And we don't lose too much sleep over any of this. You, on the other hand, do know Norv Turner. Your column is practically screaming, "Hey everyone, I know Norv Turner and you don't." So maybe, just maybe, it's in your professional self-interest to not speak truth to power?

Here's some more lame things Nick gets paid decent money to say.
Bring in Bill Cowher, I hear (not going to happen). Until he finally got lucky and won a Super Bowl, what coach in history lost more big games than Cowher?

One more Super Bowl than the Chargers have. That "luck" also got him a 149-90-1 career record. But Nick prefers  Norv and his no Super Bowls and his 80-98 career record. Who needs luck.
Yet his players play for him

Well, that's a questionable notion in the months of September and October, and a large part of the problem. But let me grant you the point. His players play for him. Yeah, and? What do you expect them to do? No one has ever suggested that the San Diego Chargers are a team in disarray like the Raiders or Redskins. So it shouldn't be all that surprising that a bunch of millionaires actually try and earn their paychecks. Players playing for a coach is expected. No medals should be awarded for doing so.

They still spanked the Chiefs, and no matter what you think about the opponent, you go into Arrowhead Stadium and try to win.

You mean the same Chiefs who  are in the midst of a 10-game home losing streak? The same Chiefs who lost at home to the friggin' Raiders this year? Are you even paying attention anymore, Nick?

That he isn't a cheerleader doesn't bother me in the least, although it seems his biggest fault to the Anti-Norvites.

Ugh. Not true. We've covered this before. This is a cop-out, Nick.You're using a couple of knuckleheads to dismiss an entire group, never actually addressing the main arguments.

And if you're looking for someone who succeeds most of the time, better try going back 21 centuries. 

Did you seriously just bring up Jesus in a Norv Turner discussion? Wow. Anyhoo, heree's a quick list of available coaches:  Bill Cowher (149-90-1), John Gruden (95-81), Mike Shanahan (146-98), Mike Holmgren (161-111), Marty Shottenheimer (200-126), Tony Dungy (139-69). Oh, and my dream coach, Pat Hill (92-51). Do you notice anything about that list? See, for all of those guys, the first number is much bigger than the second number. This means they have more wins (which you might call "success") than losses ("non-success"). Therefore, when you do the math, they succeed "most of the time". There's no need to bring Jesus into it.

This is why newspapers are dying, BTW.

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