balloon boy

If everything in the Balloon Boy checks out (and it sounds a little sketchy to me), I completetly empathize with Falcon (really, parents, Falcon? Really?).

See, when I was little, my oldest brother had some sort of Goodyear Blimp replica hanging in his room, and I somehow was goofing off and knocked it down/broke it, I can't really remember the details. What I do remember was being scared shitless that I was in big trouble, so I decided it would be a good idea to hide under my sister's bed. Where, of course, I promptly fell asleep.

No one knew where I was. I don't know if cops were called, though I highly doubt it (sis, feel free to fill in these gaps in my memory), but I do know my parents were briefly panicked.

I haven't watched all the interviews, but I'm guessing Falcon did the same thing, except he broke a much bigger "blimp", hid out from the upcoming shitstorm, and fell asleep. End of story.

EXCEPT. I wouldn't be surprised if this was all a publicity stunt by the parents. Storm chasing, Wife Swap, making your kids make anti-pussification videos - this was a weird family, and one not at all allergic to the spotlight.  Eh, the real story will get out soon, no need for me to be speculating.

ALSO. When this story turned from "KID TRAPPED IN RUNAWAY HOT AIR BALLOON" to "KID HIDES IN ATTIC", why was it still on the news nonstop for hours? The former is a news story, the latter is not.

BUT. If it is a story, I want my retroactive 15 minutes of fame for my brief little manhunt back in the day, dammit.
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