chargers 37, chiefs 7

You'd probably think that after a 37-7 win, I wouldn't have a lot of complaints about the Chargers. Well, you'd be....right, mostly. Only a couple of (minor) complaints this week.

1. I don't know what Norv is trying to prove running up the middle near the end zone. I sure as hell wanted to see LT score, but the definition of insanity, according to Einstein, is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Wait a second - that's not even close to the definition of insanity. I officially am casting doubt upon the Theory Of Relativity. E=MC squared my ass.

2. But it's not like anything else is working near the goal line. The red zone offense is starting to become a major, major concern. Yeah, the score was 37-7, but it could have been two billion to 7. Part of the problem is a lack of creativity. What ever happened to LT throwing the ball, or the occasion Phillip Rivers draw? Or the infamous fumblerooski-statue-of-liberty-wildcat-double-reverse-triple-salchow-flea-flicker-alley-oop-double-lindy?

3. Chris Chambers. What the hell happened to this guy? I can't remember ever falling out of love with a player quicker. I'm much rather see Legadu Naanee out there than Chambers, who is dropping everything as of late. 

4. Shawne Merriman. You lining up offsides is getting as annoying as Rivers' delay of game penalties. Patience, son.

That's about all the complaints. Now how 'bout some compliments - acknowleding that the Chiefs are a horrific team, and stomping them doesn't exactly prove anything.

1. Tim Dobbins. I've always liked Dobbins, and don't understand why he doesn't play more. He was everywhere yesterday.

2. As was Eric Weddle. Weddle has had a couple of off weeks, but he was back in form yesterday.

3. Vincent Jackson. Getting tired of hearing how he is "on his way" to being a legitimate #1 receiver. He is a legitimate #1, and has been for a while.

4. Kevin Ellison. Improving every week. Injuries have him in the lineup now, but I wouldn't be shocked to see him named a permanent starter by the end of the year.

5. Jacob Hester. Dude is awful as a running back/fullback. But he's carved out a niche on special teams.

6. Rivers, Gates. Excellent. Expected. Yawn.

7. The Chiefs. Thank you for being an atrocious football team. We needed that.

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