three legged dog - sniff this (1989 lame k-9)

Three Legged Dog (they left out the hyphen, not me) were Bobby Christopher, Deva Maheswaran (aka Hurrican Luther White), and Tim Aynardi (who also played in Lurking Fear, Bristle, and The Load Levelers), all students at the University of Missouri. I have no idea how to classify this. There's an 80's sleaze-metal vibe (complete with dog howls) going on on "Three Legged Dog", "Hate School" is more punkish, and "Spinnin' Whirl" has a little white boy funk element, even if the beginning reminds me of Dokken's "Dream Warriors".
  1. Three Legged Dog
  2. Hate School
  3. Spinnin'Whirl


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