fast food fail

ChicagoNow has a list of the top 15 fast food failures.

Lemoore was a test market for McDonald's pizza, so I remember that. Glad someone could confirm this existed, because people were starting to think I was crazy when I'd mention it.

I remember the Burger King popcorn, table service, Big Mac rip-off, McLean, McDLT, and not much else from this list.

Calling the McDLT a fail is blasphemy, though. The McDLT might be the finest non-Double Cheeseburger product McDonald's has ever produced.

Maybe because Jack-In-The-Box isn't national, but no fast food fail list can be complete without Dinner-In-The-Box. They had shrimp, steak and.....? Actually, I kind of miss them. Bring them back! And the Supreme Nachos.

They were probably a fail, but I also like the JITB Panido's.
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