operation: cliff clavin / connie dungs split (1997 plan-it-x)

I have a love/hate relationship with Operation: Cliff Clavin (cuz baby, your an anarchist, and I'm a spineless liberal), but it mainly tilts towards love (I mean I am a bleeding heart, after all). I got nothing but love for the Connie Dungs.

Second day in a row, go figure: There are better rips of the actual CD out there. Again, I didn't like the placement of the song breaks, so I ripped the actual vinyl. Yeah. I know.
  1. OCC - Consumers
  2. OCC - Private Property
  3. OCC - Let's Start Walking Or Quit Talking
  4. OCC - Thank You For Not Breeding
  5. OCC - Some Strange Reason
  6. CD - I Don't Want You Around
  7. CD - Bedwetter
  8. CD - I Wouldn't Want To Be You
  9. CD - Dust On The Telephone
  10. CD - I've Stands All That I Can Stands I Can't Stands No More 
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